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Effective January 1, 2017, Millennium Select™ will become part of Sage Scientific Corporation, a research based natural products company located in Rochester Hills, Michigan.  This move allows Millennium to participate in research more effectively related to the value of natural products and health.  According to Sage CEO Vincent Salvia, "It is important that we move beyond the rhetoric used in natural products marketing, to substance over slogans, which is only available through scientific research."  

Sage was founded in 2003 as a "think tank" for product development with a philosophy of independence, objectivity, and discipline. The value of the synergy between Sage and Millennium is evidenced in a feasibility study conducted by an independent researcher using micronutrient PDCM in a feasibility study with premature infants diagnosed of Cerebral Palsy (CP) (see  It was demonstrated that in several symptom categories over 80% of preemies diagnosed with CP showed positive improvement.  It is known and accepted that at this time there in no known cure for CP, but this study has demonstrated that CP could be misdiagnosed - a micronutrient deficiency corrected by the introduction of PDCM into their diet.

Sage Scientific has established an independent website because of the CP study at  Further, coincident with the CP study, a small sample of autistic children showed improvement in certain areas.  Based upon these observations, Sage has created a grant to continue independent research. The researcher is certified by the National Institute of Health and is currently submitting application to an Independent Review Board for approval to conduct a double-blind study with human subjects.  Yes, Sage is most serious about its mission!

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